Cerro del Santísimo Ecopark

Cerro del Santísimo Ecopark

Located in the 'El Helechales' path of Floridablanca is the Cerro del Santísimo Ecopark, which stands as one of the main tourist destinations in Santander. There visitors and tourists can contemplate the landscapes, the nature that surrounds Bucaramanga and its metropolitan area and, in addition, enjoy the climate with the open spaces that this place has.

In 'El Santísimo' stands out a sculpture of Jesus of Nazareth that is 33 m high, making it a pilgrimage site at Easter. In addition, it has a 1,380-meter long cable car system to access the park from La Hacienda La Esperanza, as well as a restaurant, commercial premises, an entertainment plaza and viewpoints.

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